Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A View on Merdeka Day Parade..

Words still in progress..

Here are some of the horizontal format pictures of the Merdeka Day Parade in Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. I'll try and upload more this afternoon.. perhaps..


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A View About Fireworks...

As you all know, Malaysia has been hosting the International Fireworks Competition for two years in a row (2007 & 2008). And of course, the usual venue is in Putrajaya International Convention Centre. I wasn't able to capture the 2007 fireworks (because I didn't know about it).

Last week, the competition started-off with fireworks display from Malaysia on the 12 August. Sadly, I wasn't able to capture good photos of it, as I was doing an overtime at the office, and I started to leave the office at 21:25. As I've reached the bus stand, the fireworks went off. I was kind of nervous (but thrilled) as I might miss capturing the moment.

Turns out, I was able to capture some... But it's not a very satisfactory shot, as the angle was obstructed and the distant from the fireworks was very long...

The second display was from China on the 16 August. This time, I was able to come early at the location of the competition. I met my best buddy DJ (his fullname is Djeesfan... Pronounced 'Just Fun'. He's like a big brother to me). Then I've met some other guys (and girls) from the Malaysian Fotopages Community: I've met Jaggat and Sina (my old classmate during my degree in UiTM). There are other people at that time, but I didn't know their names as I forgot to ask them (sorry guys)..

The good part was, Jaggat gave DJ and me the media pass to enter PICC... Meaning that we could take photographs from PICC. Hehee :D, I felt very happy & energetic. We rushed to PICC, parked DJs car, and went on to the 1st floor.. We have some snacks and wait till 21.30 before entering the main viewing balcony, where the Fireworks Judges, VIPs, and PICC guests which have paid RM60 for viewing the fireworks (along with buffet meals and other entertainments).. But we paid nothing...

At 22:00, the PICC balcony is packed with viewers: The press and other media, photographers and photo-enthusiasts, grown-ups and children, all left their seats and started to flock around the edge of the balcony as they want to take a closer look of the fireworks display.. Then the fireworks starts to spark.. With an audio narration, started small, then big.. Along with the rhythm of highs and lows.. Like the tides of the ocean..

20th August.. It's working day.. I don't have a problem with my works at the office, but rather worried about the fireworks in Wednesday night. So you can imagine the hassle that i have to went through before getting near the fireworks location.. Right after work at about 6 pm, I went straight to the bus stand in front of MMU, waiting for the T429 shuttle bus which takes it's passengers all the way to Putrajaya Central. The wait is an agonizing and time consuming. For about half an hour, there's still no sign of the bus. Now my mind has a split decision: whether to wait and took the bus (which might make me loose a lot of time), or take a faster way by a cab (and straight to heart of the event). I figured, why not take a cab.. And there I was, waving my hand. And the cab stops, luckily a Muslim person.. I gave Salam to him, then off i go. While happily chatting with the driver, I saw the T429 bus went pass the opposite lane. The only thing in my mind at that moment, is that I will reach much more faster to PICC rather than the bus (which I have to take another one before reaching PICC). I'm optimistic at that point, until the cab driver told me that he wants to refill his NGV tank. And guess what..? The time spent for waiting in queue and filling the gas, is the same as if I still waits for the bus, hop-in, sits quietly and arrive at Putrajaya Central. Man, what a waste of money. But then again, I'm still optimistic.. As the roads to PICC is getting really congested, which might slowed down considerably to the bus rather than the small and mobile cab.

A View about Night Photography..

Taken from Wikipedia about Night Photography..
"Night photography refers to photographs taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. Night photographers generally have a choice between using artificial light or using a long exposure, exposing the scene for seconds or even minutes, in order to give the film enough time to capture a usable image, and to compensate for reciprocity failure."

For your information, I have a Nikon D100 DSLR (2005) with a 18-70mm kit lens. The beauty of this little photography equipment is that it has a hole in the shutter release button so that the user can screw in a shutter release cable, a nifty gadget that enables the photographer to capture low-light scenery without risking a camera shake.

So... Let the Low-light photography adventure begins...

(to be continued)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A view about boredom..

As of right now, I'm feeling really bored because I've got nothing to do at the office..

So, a view about boredom.. It's a waste of time actually..
It's just a feeling of emptiness, loneliness, and nothingness..
Which makes your mind just wandering outside..
With nothing to do..

If I've got nothing to do, then why do I have a job..?
And if I have a job, then why am I not doing my job..?
And if I have done all my jobs, then what should i do next..?

Simply put..
This blog post is a result of my boredom..

It is not a complaint.. But rather an opinion about boredom in my office right now..

And you know what.. I'm not bored anymore..

So I'll continue with editing my blog appearance..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A view from me...

I Like to see new things everyday...

I can even interpret the old things as new

It's not because of the physical, shape and forms of the objects...
But because the meaning that stands behind it...